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It sounds cool and shows inclusion, but does it resonate with the  community?
See what the voice of the people reveals...

Hispanic Labels: A new study mining 762K digital conversations to help you understand how your Hispanic customers want to be addressed.

Cultural labels relate to how a community perceives itself, it can either help us connect or totally disconnect us from them. 

For the Hispanic community, there have been 3 different labels used in society: 


All generations have a preference for the term Latino/Latina, they like it 1.6x more than Hispanic and 6.8x more than Latinx. 


Older generations are more accepting of the term Hispanic than the younger ones.


Most dislike the term Latinx with almost 80% of conversations about Latinx being negative.

"The Latino community does not need to be exed. Most Latinas, Latinos, Hispanics did not ask for it." 

Download the report to find out WHY the community 

is so negative about the use of LATINX.


Oldest and most conservative, refers to the community as spanish speakers.


Alternative to Hispanic, refers Latin American descent and doesn’t exclude portuguese speakers in Brazil.


Introduced to be the gender neutral alternative to Latino/a, used as an inclusive, more progressive label.



At CultuIntel, we know what people think and feel without having to ask them


With the power of A.I., we have tech-enabled a way to mine millions of conversations online to discover actionable Cultural Intelligence, straight from the voice of the people.


Culturintel is a data science affiliate of CIEN+

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